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Graffiti: nm, Italian origin (1856),
plural of graffito. 1 Inscription, drawing,
painting, installation made by one or some
graffers in public or private spaces,
legally or illegally. "The graffiti is
the prove of the possibility of penetrate the
urban parallel dimension" (Wilfried Hou
Je Bek). 2 Artistic movement born in the
60's, created by a group of
teenagers, then reported by the medias and the
artistic institutions, repressed by
governmental and private forces. "The
graffiti writers are on the opposite side of the
crime because they get over
the crime stages in order to
commit artworks". ( Norman
Mailer). 3. Word used to confuse a
minor art with vandalism, bad taste,
insecurity and lack of talent in
order to maintain this movement in the lower
social and artistic level.
"Some obscene graffiti have been jot on
the door of the apartments". (Proust).