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The scary camera
The camera was left in a Subway train for 4hours 32min. with a note saying: "This is a photographic project in which you're one of the artists. In order to participate, take a picture and return the camera to where you found it. To see the result of the project just go to the web site Thank you ".
Incidentally, I should add that I observed from the side line. During the first 2 hours the camera remained untouched, a seat all to itself. People watched it like a curiosity, a scary curiosity, not attempting to understand it. Finally a woman diced to call the police. She thought it was a bomb. The police did not arrive. A young lady arrived and took a picture of the women who called the police. Minutes later a young man took another picture with his friend. Half a hour later a group of 7 Romany gipsies took pictures of themselves, a creative poses, extraordinary energy. A guy came and took a photo of the content of his bag. I will never see the results. A man saw the camera, read the note, then threw it out a window. Later on I questioned the man. He nervously told me he thought the camera was a bomb. He was embarrassed , unwilling to talk about the incident.